Is everyone's responsibility. The effort each individual exhibits in preparing for problems associated with disasters will have a major impact on surviving an emergency situation. Emergency response personnel help by providing public education, participant training, and equipment development.


Is a local organization specifically designed to assist the victims of building collapses and other related disasters. Members are trained in search and rescue operations and equipment use, as well as research for and dissemination of training programs and education for the public.

THE MEMBERS OF KERN HEAVY RESCUE, Inc. are striving to meet three specific goals

The PUBLIC EDUCATION PROGRAM is designed to teach people how to prepare for an emergency, deal with an emergency in progress, and survive the aftermath of an emergency until disaster services are in place. The planned production, purchase and delivery of safety education materials will provide citizens with the basic steps and procedures for surviving emergencies created in urban disasters.

The organization also provides TRAINING for its members and other technical rescue providers in preparedness and proper equipment use for any search and rescue for which they may be activated.

Development and purchase of EQUIPMENT will provide for more efficient techniques and life safety measures which will ultimately benefit the public.


is a non-profit organization working in conjunction with emergency response organizations of Kern County to provide technical rescue capabilities which can respond to urban disasters locally and world wide.